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Q2 Associates: Project and Management Excellence

Q2 Associates delivers better management and better projects.  Our approach is based on many years of practical experience in corporate environments.  Q2’s services include:

  • Project Management Excellence: developing and implementing best practice
  • Project Management, Programme Management and PMO operation
  • Project Assurance, including a health check service designed to maximise project success
  • Project and Management resourcing
  • Development and implementation of PM standards and templates
  • Development of PM skills, including accreditation schemes, training and development
  • Building a PM community, using events, social and other media
  • Coaching schemes and coaching of Project Managers
  • The practical application of Agile techniques in “waterfall” projects

How can Q2 Associates help?

Q2 Associates has practical experience of implementing PM Excellence services in challenging corporate environments. It is not a theoretical approach; we have been there and done that.

Specific services that we offer are:

  • Development of tailored and pragmatic standards, including methodology, processes, guidelines and templates
  • Design and implementation of in-house PM accreditation schemes
  • Design and delivery of training, coaching and mentoring
  • PM event design and participation, including memorable guest speaker engagement and workshop delivery
  • Project support, facilitation and intervention services
  • Agile coaching

Q2 Associates can do this in whole or in part, ranging from providing an external project assurance function for your most challenging project, through to delivering a complete “PM Excellence” solution for your organisation.

We are practitioners, experienced in delivering projects and operating PMOs.  So our services also include:

  • Project Management, Programme Management and PMO operation
  • PM resourcing

For further information please contact info@q2associates.com