Projects undertaken by Q2 Associates include:

  • For the UK’s largest mobile operator, over a 10-month period, worked with the Programme Office to deliver improvements in project delivery. This wide-ranging engagement covered topics such as:  departmental vision & objectives, weekly status reporting, project health checks, project gate reviews, resource allocation, the “PM Guide” (published as a physical book), post-implementation reviews, risk reviews, escalations and exception-handling, PM engagement (via events, wiki, newsletter, forums) and PM tooling including SharePoint and SmartCore. The improvement initiative itself was delivered using Agile Scrum.
  • Worked with a major network equipment vendor to improve their approach to product assurance, in order to satisfy the commercial requirements of  a UK mobile operator.
  • Worked with a UK system integrator to establish frameworks for PMO operation (with a particular emphasis on risk management), in support of a proposed major MVNO implementation.
  • Provided Agile coaching to multiple teams at the UK Department for Work & Pensions, and established their wiki-based Agile knowledge repository.
  • Providing IT project assurance services to a leading UK operator of mobile services.

Q2’s Managing Director, Russell Whitworth, is an experienced project/programme manager and consultant who has worked in the telecommunications industry throughout his career.  His employers have included a user organisation, a vendor, a management consultancy, a telecommunications consultancy, and a major telecommunications operator.

A specialist in “PM Excellence” – he understands how to improve project management in a corporate environment, by development and appropriate application of standards, staff development, and quality management.Projects that he has led include network and service design and deployment, security compliance, business modelling, telecommunications strategy, licence bid management, and procurement of public network equipment.

Qualified as both an engineer and a marketeer, and with considerable programme management, project management, process management and business planning experience, Russell particularly excels in the management of cross-functional teams.

As Head of PM Excellence for Deutsche Telekom’s international product development function:

  • Conceived, created and published the PM Handbook, which became the standard reference for a community of over 200 project managers.
  • Devised and operated the successful “Project Healthcheck” technique, which measures conformance to project management best practice for all top projects.
  • Implemented an in-house “PM Accreditation” scheme, which has developed dozens of project managers to a high-calibre, capable of delivering projects at board level.
  • Pioneered the use of structured coaching for PMs.
  • Designed and delivered a series of eight international conferences (up to 250 participants) on PM topics.

Highlights of 16 years in management consultancy, with PA Consulting Group and Questus Limited, include:

  • Over an 18-month period with Telfort (Netherlands), filled three key roles: Project Manager of the technical stream in procurement of network infrastructure; Manager of the design team responsible for core and access network design, RAN design, value-added service design, and interconnect planning; Project Manager of the Questus team on the project.
  • Team leader in the development of an advanced services platform for Orange’s 2G, 2.5G and 3G networks. Roles included Integration Manager, Head of Development & Integration, Assistant to the Project Director, and Programme Manager.
  • Provided project management, marketing, business modelling and technical support to mobile licence bids in Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Czech Republic, France, Ireland, Morocco and Romania.
  • Programme Office operation for a North American mobile operator, including providing the key interface between the Marketing and Engineering teams, and planning the launch event from both a Marketing and Engineering perspective.

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