Russell Whitworth is an experienced speaker and trainer on project management topics. Here are some ways in which he can enhance your next PM event.

Project Success Criteria

Set in the challenging context of a real project from history, this interactive session covers:

  • Why do we need Project Success Criteria, and what are their benefits to the PM?
  • How do you go about defining Project Success Criteria, and how can this process add value the project?
  • What are the attributes of good Project Success Criteria?
  • An extra dimension: Defining “Ideal” and “Minimum” success levels
  • Success-based project reporting

Participants will role-play as project manager of the 1865 attempt to lay a transatlantic telegraph cable: defining success criteria, and reporting against them as the project progresses.

Number of participants: 8-100.

Seating style: Cabaret, with 4-8 per table.

Recommended duration: 90 minutes (shorter and longer versions are also possible)

Coaching for Project Managers

This session introduces the principles of coaching as a practical technique that project managers can apply in managing their teams and their stakeholders. The session is interactive, allowing participants to experience and practice GROW coaching.

Topics covered include:

  • What is coaching?
  • Directive vs non-directive coaching
  • The GROW model
  • Questioning and listening techniques
  • Applying coaching style in a project management situation
  • “The Coaching Contract” – establishing ground rules

Number of participants: Unlimited – but assumes that participants are currently project managers.

Seating style: Theatre or cabaret.

Recommended duration: 60 minutes

This is an introductory session to coaching technique – it is not sufficient to embark on formal coaching. For those that want to go further, I offer a 4-hour session for smaller numbers (maximum 12), intended for coaches of project managers.

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholders ultimately determine the success of our projects – and excellent stakeholder management is the skill that differentiates the very best project managers.

This session explains:

  • What is a stakeholder?
  • Why is stakeholder management important?
  • What does stakeholder management mean?
  • How to identify your stakeholders
  • Ways to categorise your stakeholders
  • Ways to manage your stakeholders
  • Tips,Tricks & Tools for stakeholder management

There is a strong interactive element in the session, with a “Who? What? and How?” game in which teams of participants are given a project scenario to analyse, and to come up with their solution of the next stakeholder management action to be taken. There is a competitive element between teams, and of course it is all against the clock.

Number of participants: Maximum 24 (four teams of six). Larger numbers can be considered on request.

Seating style: Cabaret, with 4-6 per table.

Recommended duration: 90 minutes.

The “Who? What? and How?” game can be used on its own without the presentation material; duration 30-40 minutes. This makes a great “break-out” session for a project management event.